Learn Arabic: Iraqi picnic vocabulary!

Because who wouldn’t want to go on a picnic and therefore need some picnic vocabulary?! This is in Iraqi Arabic but it’s not too colloquial as to stop speakers of other dialects understanding you.

I’m a fan of Pimsleur but blimey it’s a bit boring, I can barely stay awake for a whole lesson.

Like Pimsleur there’s a gap where you can repeat the phrase if you want to, but unlike Pimsleur these videos are very short, so you could do them in a five minute break. Hopefully you’ll pick up a few new bits of vocabulary :)

هذا خوش مكان

لا, هذا مو خوش مكان

ي, هذا خوش مكان

أوقف هنا

جيب الشواية



جيب الشواية

شيل الدجاج استوة


ي, استوة

This is a good place

No, this isn’t a good place

Yes, this is a good place!

Stop here…

Bring the barbeque


The barbeque

Bring the barbeque!

Pick up the chicken, it’s cooked

It’s cooked?

Yes, it’s cooked!